Automatic Window Awnings

With the added expense of heating and cooling these days, we are finding many people trying to eliminate using these appliances as often as usual.

Applying fabric awnings to your windows can drastically reduce the heat/cooling entering your home, as well as enhancing the exterior of your home and adding value to your assets.

Our automatic window awnings have always been the most popular for the ease of use. Connected to the bottom bar is an arm that that glides along two guide arms. The fabric rolls onto the top tube, which is neatly tucked away.

Hoods are also available in many standard colour or Dulux powder coated range to match your roofing and eaves of your home.

Simply by pulling the bottom bar, you can raise or lower the awning to suit your needs.

With a wide range of fabrics you can choose, from full block out canvas, acrylics or Sunscreen which gives you the added luxury of protecting your home from the heat, and allowing you full view of outside.