Café Blinds

Wind and rain can be a real problem in winter. Whether you are wanting to entertain or simply protect your outdoor area from being blown around and wet, clear PVC blinds could be your solution.

We can use clear PVC to make several styles of blinds and awnings, giving you more choice on how you want your area to look. UV treated, and coming in a large variety of tinted colours, ensuring whatever your outdoor needs or décor is, we will have something to suit.

Care and maintenance for PVC blinds

- To ensure no scratching occurs while cleaning, gently hose down any dust or debris on the blind.
- Use a soft cleaning cloth using diluted warm water based detergent : 1 part detergent 20 parts water.
- Do not use chemicals as this could damage the PVC.
- Completely rinse clean with water until there is no residue, and dry with a lint free cloth.

- Incase of strong winds or storms, ensure your blind is up.
- Do not leave rolled up in the direct sun for too long. Heat can be trapped inside the roll, damaging the PVC.
- Try not to roll up blinds while they are wet, as this can blemish the pvc.

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