Plantation Shutters

With Bermuda aluminium shutters for patios, verandas and high-rise balconies, you can extend your summer entertaining in comfort.

Bermuda 2000 Series utilises 90mm or 115mm blades providing an excellent opportunity for greater airflow, views or perfect for commercial applications. Bermuda 2000 Series can be utilised as a sun control option while still having the options of locks and bi-folding.

Create and control with Bermuda 2000 Series Aluminium Shutters. The Bermuda 2000 Series has been designed as a modern, functional shutter which is aesthetically appealing for both exterior and interior use. Using only the highest quality of finishes which is backed by a 7 year warranty on main components and 5 year warranty on hardware. Bermuda 2000 Series will create maintenance free durability and style to your home, office, or commercial environment. Open or close blades - for your comfort.

Bermuda® 2000 Series Improves your Energy Efficiencies.

Green Star Ratings through Design Innovation in Sun Control Solutions.

Colour Options

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Zip Trak Awnings

If you are looking for an awning to suit windows, or enclose an outdoor area, and don’t want the hassle of cords, zippers or buckles, the Ziptrak® would be the ideal product for you.

Entertain all year round while the Ziptrak® protects your area from light to medium winds and rain in the winter. Depending on what fabric chosen, you can keep your area drastically cooler in the heat of summer.
With a choice of canvas block out material for complete privacy, Uniview if you want all elements of the weather covered, but don’t want your views restricted, or clear and tinted pvc’s.

The Ziptrak® blind is held together with aluminium extrusions, that can be powder coated to suit the rest of your outdoor decor creating a floorless look every time.

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Pivot Arm Awnings

Perfect for large outdoor areas and difficult to reach windows, the pivot arm awning can be motorised, or operated with an internal lock cord or winch. If you have high rise windows, these awnings can also be operated with an external winch or rope, which enables you to protect your windows from the weather elements, whilst staying safe to operate them.

These awnings function in an arched manner, where the awning can be locked into several positions, vertically and horizontally, creating either a small or large amount of area to be shaded.

Available in a huge range of colours of either block out canvas, Acrylic or Sunscreen fabric.

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Wire Guide Awnings

Modern, easy to use, and great protection from the weather, the wire guide awning is a practical way to enhance your windows or verandahs for most      environmental settings.

Architecturally designed, the wire guide operates seamlessly on stainless steel cabling which is 3.2mm in diameter, and is fit to withstand light to medium winds. Offering either manual crank operation, or motorisation, you can use this blind with ease and no fuss.

Fabric is available in a canvas block out, or a shade view material which comes in a 90% or a 95% UV block out, but still enables you the luxury of seeing out of your covered area. Both fabrics are available in a wide range of colours to suit your tastes.

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Motorised Outdoor Blinds

If you are wanting or needing an easy solution to operate your outdoor blinds without the hassle of running out in the wintery conditions, or you simply can’t physically operate your blinds manually, we offer motorisation to suit all of our outdoor blinds.

The options and benefits with having a motor are endless. If combined with a wind, sun and rain sensor, there is no need to worry about your blinds in heavy wind or rain.

Your outdoor area will always be shaded in the harsh sun, and put away when the sun goes down, making the most of your outdoor area, and protecting what needs protecting, all the while you can sit back relax.

We can offer a range of motors to suit your preference. Either hard wired to your home with a tidy switch installed inside indoors, or RTS controlled, enabling you to operate your awnings with a remote control.

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Automatic Verandah Awnings

Our automatic verandah awnings are a traditional blind that is a simple straight drop. They are spring loaded on the top roller, which tensions the fabric. The blind is the held down in place with straps attached to the blind, and brackets which are installed in your preferred place in either the ground, or verandah posts.
A wide choice of fabrics and colours are available to enhance any area, and give weather protection needed.

Roller Shutters

If you are wanting an all in one product that gives you security, privacy and protection from the weather, roller shutters can give you all that.
Whilst making your property look good, roller shutters adds the security. The Rollita Roller shutters are made from strengthened aluminium slats, these are           interlocked, and making sure any invasion is resisted. For extra security a key locking system can also be installed on the shutter.

Offering privacy in your home, you can self adjust the slats to add ventilation and light, or keep the shutters completely closed to create a full blockout, and eliminate a lot of outside noise also.

Weather protection is also a huge asset with roller shutters. The CSIRO find the AR6, AR12 and AR17 shutters suitable for the protection of windows from the radiant heat of bushfires. Keeping the harsh sun off  your windows will drastically reduce  the way your home can heat up in the midst of summer, helping electricity bills go down, and making your home feel more comfortable. In the winter your windows will be protected from any debris, hail, or high winds, whilst keeping the cold off of your window panes helping you keep the heat in.

With three choices available for operating, all shutters have controls installed inside your home, adding convenience and security.

The winch control is neat, compact, and installed straight into a stud wall. Simply by inserting the handle, you can operate the shutter to lower and raise it to your liking.

Larger shutters sometimes require a motor to assist with the weight. All motors are hardwired to your home, and add that convenience of operating with a single switch.

Solar Powered
Solar power is now becoming a huge benefit to all homes. Our solar powered shutters come with a remote control for ease of use.
Coming in a range of colours to suit fixtures already on your home, the slats can come in a curved or flat profile.
The curved slat actually reflects and bounces heat and noise away from the window, while the flat slat has thicker insulation to give the same effect. Depending on your tastes, we can custom a roller shutter to your liking.

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Insulated with polyurethane foam, which contains no Freon or ODP (ozone depletion) for protection of the ozone layer

rollershutter diagram 2

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Café Blinds

Wind and rain can be a real problem in winter. Whether you are wanting to entertain or simply protect your outdoor area from being blown around and wet, clear PVC blinds could be your solution.

We can use clear PVC to make several styles of blinds and awnings, giving you more choice on how you want your area to look. UV treated, and coming in a large variety of tinted colours, ensuring whatever your outdoor needs or décor is, we will have something to suit.

Care and maintenance for PVC blinds

- To ensure no scratching occurs while cleaning, gently hose down any dust or debris on the blind.
- Use a soft cleaning cloth using diluted warm water based detergent : 1 part detergent 20 parts water.
- Do not use chemicals as this could damage the PVC.
- Completely rinse clean with water until there is no residue, and dry with a lint free cloth.

- Incase of strong winds or storms, ensure your blind is up.
- Do not leave rolled up in the direct sun for too long. Heat can be trapped inside the roll, damaging the PVC.
- Try not to roll up blinds while they are wet, as this can blemish the pvc.

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Folding Arm Awnings

For outdoor areas with limited space, it can be hard to find coverage that looks great, and that can be put away neatly with no fuss.

The folding arm awning can eliminate all those problems. Its compact design can be installed in the smallest areas for residential and commercial buildings.
Operated by either a manual crank control, or motorisation for ease of use, the folding arm awning retracts in to a slimline headbox which protects the fabric and prolongs the life. A wind, sun, and rain sensor can also be installed, giving piece of mind that your awning will retract back at night, or when the wind and rain is becoming too strong.

Manufactured with an acrylic fabric that comes in a very broad range of colours, your outdoor area and furniture no matter big or small will always be protected from the harsh sun.

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Automatic Window Awnings

With the added expense of heating and cooling these days, we are finding many people trying to eliminate using these appliances as often as usual.

Applying fabric awnings to your windows can drastically reduce the heat/cooling entering your home, as well as enhancing the exterior of your home and adding value to your assets.

Our automatic window awnings have always been the most popular for the ease of use. Connected to the bottom bar is an arm that that glides along two guide arms. The fabric rolls onto the top tube, which is neatly tucked away.

Hoods are also available in many standard colour or Dulux powder coated range to match your roofing and eaves of your home.

Simply by pulling the bottom bar, you can raise or lower the awning to suit your needs.

With a wide range of fabrics you can choose, from full block out canvas, acrylics or Sunscreen which gives you the added luxury of protecting your home from the heat, and allowing you full view of outside.

External Sunscreen Blinds

There is nothing worse than needing a window or verandah blind to protect your windows or outdoor area, and have the view from outside completely
blocked out.

With sunscreen fabric, you can have the protection you need and still be able to view outside with no sun glare. Drastically reducing the heat and giving 90-95% UV protection, this is an all year round fabric. Unlike pvc or canvas, the fabric is breathable, eliminating muggy conditions that can be caused by other fabrics in enclosed areas. Because of the breathable factor, your blinds are less likely to form mildew or mould, making it a much healthier option.
Available in either a 1+1 weave, or 2+2 weave and lots of colour choice to compliment your home.

We can make all our window and verandah awnings in this fabric, allowing your options endless.

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