Safety Doors

Most homeowners choose a hinged Security / Safety Door as part of the front entry, which also doubles as a first line of defense for the home. A decorative Security / Safety Door can transform any plain wooden front door into a main feature to the entrance of any house. ADELAIDE BLINDS & SECURITY are able to manufacture quality door products right here in our Adelaide-based factory. Consisting of a team with over 50 years experience, you can be assured that you are getting premier quality service in Security / Safety Door manufacture.

Mesh / Screen Types

There are several different options available to mesh your door with:

  1. Fibreglass Flywire Mesh - This is the entry level mesh commonly used on window screens and flyscreen doors; this mesh is soft to touch and is UV Stabilized so it won’t shrink or turn brittle in outdoor climates; only available in black.

  2. Aluminium Flywire Mesh - is an alternative to the Fibreglass Flywire Mesh; Aluminium Flywire is commonly used on screen doors and some large flyscreens because of how well this wire holds tight into the frame. This wire also offers more visibility and airflow than fibreglass wire; also only available in black.

  3. Pet Mesh - this mesh is ideal for families that have animals in or around their home; the fibreglass coated elastic core strands allow this wire to stretch instead of tearing when penetrated by small objects like cat claws and pencils and also reduces the risk of injury to the animal/child if they do manage to tear the mesh; only available in black.

  4. Tuff Screen Mesh - made from woven aluminium; has holes suitable to let any breeze through (does not restrict any vision); similar look to Aluminium Flywire Mesh but is thicker and stronger; only available in black.

  5. Restricted Vision Mesh - made from pressed aluminium with a sloping hole, creating the effect of restricted visibility through the mesh from outside looking in (note that bright lighting can affect the visibility through this product); available in black, white, primrose, silver, stone beige, brown and bronze.

Colonial Castings- Safety Screen Doors & Grilles

The Safety Screen Doors & Grilles from the COLONIAL CASTINGS range are from an Australian owned company that have been making quality safety screen panels to suit safety doors for over 20 years. Combined with the experience and knowledge of the ADELAIDE BLINDS & SECURITY team, you are guaranteed to get a quality product to suit your specific requirements. Made from aluminium, the doors are durable and strong, and come in a wide range of colours and styles to suit any home design.

Safety & Security Doors

Your new Aluminium Safety/Security Door has been manufactured using the highest quality materials available to the industry. With a moderate amount of maintenance, your Aluminium Safety/Security Door will retain its good looks, and resist the elements for years to come. Depending on how harsh the environmental elements are, the maintenance period will vary.

Your Aluminium Safety/Security Door should only ever need to be washed down with a soft bristled brush using warm water and a mild detergent. Rinse well with fresh water to remove any detergent residue. Care should be taken to avoid excessive amounts of water entering the main lock. Strong detergents and abrasive cleaners should never be used to clean your Aluminium Safety/Security Door as these may scratch or damage the surface finish.

Periodic lubrication of the main lock (and any other auxillary lock components) should only ever be done using a graphite powder or silicon spray. Liquid or aerosol lubricants (such as WD40) can cause corrosion and damage the locking mechanism and should never be used as this will void any warranties on the product.

Suggested Maintenance

MILD (being rural, away from the coast and remote from industry and urban activity) - 6 Months

MODERATE (being mainly urban, inland and away from heavy industry) - 3 Months

TROPICAL/SEVERE (being coastal/marine, subject to salt deposition and within 15km of the Eastern Coast, or 10km of the Western Coast of Australia) - 2-4 Weeks

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