Roller Shutters

If you are wanting an all in one product that gives you security, privacy and protection from the weather, roller shutters can give you all that.
Whilst making your property look good, roller shutters adds the security. The Rollita Roller shutters are made from strengthened aluminium slats, these are           interlocked, and making sure any invasion is resisted. For extra security a key locking system can also be installed on the shutter.

Offering privacy in your home, you can self adjust the slats to add ventilation and light, or keep the shutters completely closed to create a full blockout, and eliminate a lot of outside noise also.

Weather protection is also a huge asset with roller shutters. The CSIRO find the AR6, AR12 and AR17 shutters suitable for the protection of windows from the radiant heat of bushfires. Keeping the harsh sun off  your windows will drastically reduce  the way your home can heat up in the midst of summer, helping electricity bills go down, and making your home feel more comfortable. In the winter your windows will be protected from any debris, hail, or high winds, whilst keeping the cold off of your window panes helping you keep the heat in.

With three choices available for operating, all shutters have controls installed inside your home, adding convenience and security.

The winch control is neat, compact, and installed straight into a stud wall. Simply by inserting the handle, you can operate the shutter to lower and raise it to your liking.

Larger shutters sometimes require a motor to assist with the weight. All motors are hardwired to your home, and add that convenience of operating with a single switch.

Solar Powered
Solar power is now becoming a huge benefit to all homes. Our solar powered shutters come with a remote control for ease of use.
Coming in a range of colours to suit fixtures already on your home, the slats can come in a curved or flat profile.
The curved slat actually reflects and bounces heat and noise away from the window, while the flat slat has thicker insulation to give the same effect. Depending on your tastes, we can custom a roller shutter to your liking.

rollershutter diagram 1

Insulated with polyurethane foam, which contains no Freon or ODP (ozone depletion) for protection of the ozone layer

rollershutter diagram 2

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