Timber Venetians

Timber venetians are a stylish and effective way to insulate your windows, as you can control the amount of direct sunlight that enters your room having them slightly or fully open and offering full privacy when closed.

As an alternative to the traditional aluminium venetians, timber being a natural product is anti-static, in turn making the product easier to clean and maintain as it does not attract dust as easily as aluminium.

The western red cedar used in our blinds is plantation grown, Australian milled, and mainly sourced from British Columbia, Canada. Most timber blind slats that you will come across are 2.9mm -3.2mm thick. Our timber venetians have slats that are 4mm in thickness which improves quality, insulation, and appearance. This also ensures that the slats are much less likely to warp or twist. The ends of the slats are sanded and rounded off, and oiled, stained or painted, depending on the finish of the blind. This is to make sure our blinds don’t have moisture seep into the slat.

All of our blinds are made to measure, making the overall look of the finished product much more attractive than a blind that “only just fits.” We can finish your timber in a variety of ways. Danish oil, which is easy to maintain simply by wiping over with an oiled cloth. Lacquered, which seals the timber keeping moisture out and adding durability to the blind. Our stained finishes give you more control of the final colouring while still allowing the natural grain to be seen. Our painted blinds give you all the benefits of the timber, but adapting the blinds to suit your decor.

We have slat sizes of 35mm, the standard 46mm and 60mm. In either light medium or dark tones, we can customise a blind to suit any decor in your home.

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