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Summer or winter, our Australian-made security screen doors at Adelaide Blinds and Security will ensure complete peace of mind for you and your family. Factory Direct Prices - Manufactured in our Somerton Park Factory.  Please visit our showroom - 228 - 230 Brighton Road, Somerton Park. Ph 08 8294 0866.

Each door is made to National Security Screen Association (NSA) standards, which means you are buying the best available when you choose one of our products. When selecting a security door, look for one that will let in plenty of natural daylight, while effectively keeping out bugs and intruders. 

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"They have been around for a while, they made an atrium Roman blind for me 15 years ago. Still looks New, they had never made one that size but they had a crack. So glad to have finally found them nothing is too hard & very helpful. Ask for Angela or Charmaine. Would highly recommend."

"I used this local Findon security door business for  a security door for my home, they were very efficient and easy to deal with with a competitive price."

"My Findon neighbour recommended Adelaide Blinds and Security for my doors, blinds and shutters.  I recently moved into the neighbourhood and was keen to get a security door so i could let the fresh air though.  I called Charmaine at Adelaide Blinds and Security and she organised someone to come out the next day.  Their service was prompt and I love my new front door to my new house.  They are coming back next week to install outdoor shutters."

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SP61AB Rose Jewel

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Which Security Door Suits Your Findon home ?

Security screen doors come in a wide variety, with different combinations of features. If aesthetics are as important to you as security, ask to see the full range of design samples on offer – then you can be sure to find the best door to enhance your home.

They range from the most inexpensive type - Aluminium with a wire or fibreglass mesh, through to Stainless steel mesh. 

If you are happy with the existing security of the main doors of your house, you may find that a single-lock aluminium screen door is all that you may need.  It has the advantage of being more inexpensive, starting at around three or four hundred dollars (not including installation costs).

Steel or Aluminium Security Doors

You can opt for a mix of both steel and aluminium by choosing a frame made of either type of metal. The infill or middle of the screen can also be made of one or the other, although steel bars, motifs and grilles are considered the most secure option.

Stainless steel mesh doors are made with aluminium or steel frames that are in-filled with woven stainless steel mesh – much like looking through a fly screen but without the visual distraction of bars and grilles.

A steel door is usually regarded as the most effective security screen door, and most quality steel door prices start from around $800 (not including installation costs).  A good quality door should be guaranteed for between 10 and 16 years. But a lot depends on where you live, and how well you maintain your door.

If you live near or on the seafront, steel doors are more prone to corrosion. You may want to consider a steel door, which is the strongest and most durable on the market - Marine Grade Steel. It has the advantage of being scratch-resistant and tends to show very little wear and tear.

Whatever you decide on, you can prolong the life of your door quite easily. Just wash then rinse your screen doors around once a month with water and dishwashing detergent, using a soft brush. Wipe down with a clean soft cloth, and you have minimised corrosion from salt spray in the air. If you live further inland, you may only need to wash every three months.

Security Tips
When making your final choice, check the following security points:

Security Door Rivets
-       Make sure the door doesn’t have aluminium rivets inaccessible positions, where it connects to the frame

-       Look for rivets that align properly with the grille

-       Look for rivets that are clinched at the back of the frame, and placed at intervals of at least one every 25cm.

Security Door Locks
For maximum security, make sure the key locks contain between three to five-pins

You may want to ask your door installer about rekeying the security screen door to match the key for your entry door so you don’t have to use two keys to enter. This should cost between $20 and $50, depending on the type of door.

Security Door Hinges
Choice magazine online has detailed instructions on what type of hinges to look for – a lot may hinge on the hinge you choose!

Security Door Mesh Types
There are five or six different types of mesh suitable for use in security doors on the market, all offering different benefits to the householder. Ask your supplier about which one may best suit your needs.

Security Door Installation
Installation costs will vary depending on any modifications that may have to be made to your existing door frame to fit the new security screen.

Before purchasing your security door
Finally, you may want to ask your supplier for proof of Australian compliance tests for their range of doors, and also their compliance guarantee for their installations. A reputable company will be happy to oblige you.

Other considerations when choosing security screens

If you live in a bushfire prone area, make sure the screens cannot be a cause of fire (Note: fibreglass mesh is not recommended for bushfire zones)

If you live in a cyclone prone area, purchase the appropriate screens for those conditions.

Please visit us at our showroom or call us on 08 8294 0866 for a Free Quote.  

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